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Holy Shit… why did my mind have to go there?!

Is anyone else going to the UK Symphonic Spectacular tour and hoping Alex will return to host it???

I don’t understand this need to tweet – to put yourself out there every minute of the day. Social media worries me because it’s not part of my world. I have a computer and an iPad, but I have no interest in Twitter. Noel and Reece are constantly tweeting, and I said to them, ‘You are obsessed. The minute you stop filming, you’re tweeting,’ and they say, ‘But the fans love it.’ I feel I’m exposed enough in the work that I do, and anything else I want to keep as private as possible.

Alex Kingston, on social networking and Twitter [x] (via canyousonicme)

According to Alex Kingston [x]

I notice a pear-shaped ring with a border of diamonds on her engagement finger. ‘Yes, there is someone,’ she laughs, ‘no, he’s not famous; yes, he is a Brit. I’m very happy right now; I’ve got somebody in my life who’s an incredible support and really understands me. It’s a huge relief to have met somebody like that.’

- Alex Kingston on her man [X]



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